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Mar 31, 2023 / ​IR 
Notice Regarding Completion of Cancellation of Treasury Shares
Mar 27, 2023 / ​Topics 
Added special contents “NGK’s latest technologies address industrial issues”
Mar 23, 2023 / ​Product 
Notice Regarding the End of Sales of Insulator Products Manufactured at the Chita Site
Mar 22, 2023 / ​IR 
Notice Regarding Revision to Consolidated Financial Results Forecast
Mar 09, 2023 / ​Product 
NGK, Energous and e-peas Collaborate to Spread Use of Wireless Power Transmission/Transfer Systems
Mar 06, 2023 / ​Topics 
Exhibiting at Global Industrie 2023 – Applications of lithium-ion rechargeable battery “EnerCera” and dust collector for high-temperature gas “CERALLEC SYSTEM” in the Industrial field will be introduced.
Mar 02, 2023 / ​Product 
NGK, Exeger, TACHIBANA ELECTRONC SOLUTIONS and Semtech Develop a Maintenance-Free Indoor/Outdoor Position Tracker that is High-Precision, Ultra-thin and Compact
Mar 01, 2023 / ​IR 
Notice Regarding the Status of Acquisition of Own Shares and its Completion and Cancellation of Treasury Shares
Feb 06, 2023 / ​IR 
Notice Regarding the Status of Acquisition of Own Shares
Feb 01, 2023 / ​Company 
NGK and Ricoh Start Operations at Joint Venture NR-Power Lab Co., Ltd.
Jan 31, 2023 / ​IR 
Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended December 31, 2022 [338.1KB/PDF]
Jan 30, 2023 / ​Product 
NGK to Begin a Logistics Demonstration Using Its Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries EnerCera at Nagoya Central Wholesale Market Main Office – Visualize Flow Lines of People and Items With the Market through Indoor/Outdoor Position Trackers
Jan 12, 2023 / ​Topics 
NGK is exhibiting NAS Battery Systems and Sub-nano ceramic membrane at World Future Energy Summit (WFES 2023). [closed]
Jan 11, 2023 / ​IR 
Notice Regarding the Status of Acquisition of Own Shares
Jan 06, 2023 / ​Product 
NGK Begins Operation of NAS Batteries for Self-Wheeling for Renewable Energy Electricity by OMRON FIELD ENGINEERING – Promote Self-Procurement of Electricity from Renewable Energy by Utilizing Large-Capacity Storage Batteries
Dec 21, 2022 / ​Product 
NAS Batteries for JAXA’s Misasa Deep Space Station Starts Operations – Contributing to BCP Measures and Stable Electric Power
Dec 20, 2022 / ​Sustainability 
NGK named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific) for the Seventh Consecutive Year
Dec 14, 2022 / ​Topics 
Renewed “Sustainability” Contents
Dec 14, 2022 / ​Topics 
Published “NGK Group Sustainability Website Data 2022”
Dec 09, 2022 / ​Topics 
Exhibiting at NRF2023 – Applications of lithium-ion rechargeable battery “EnerCera” in the retail field will be introduced.[closed]
Dec 06, 2022 / ​Company 
NGK Authorized as a “DX-Certified Operator” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Dec 05, 2022 / ​IR 
Notice Regarding the Status of Acquisition of Own Shares
Dec 02, 2022 / ​Topics 
Published “Interim Business Report 2022”
Nov 28, 2022 / ​Topics 
Added an advertorial of The Financial Times “A ceramics company for a smarter, carbon neutral future”.
Nov 24, 2022 / ​Sustainability 
NGK to Introduce Solar Power Generation Equipment with a Total Capacity of 40 MW at Manufacturing Sites in Japan and Overseas by Fiscal 2025 – Contributing to the Realization of Carbon Neutrality by Cutting Annual CO2 Emissions by 22,000 Tons
Nov 24, 2022 / ​Company 
NGK Decides construction of a new R&D building – Accelerating the development and promoting early commercialization of products related to the digital society
Nov 09, 2022 / ​Topics 
NGK Insulators Ltd. will be exhibiting at ISC East [closed] – An application of lithium-ion “EnerCera” rechargeable battery in the security field will be introduced.
Nov 09, 2022 / ​Topics 
Published “NGK Report 2022”
Nov 07, 2022 / ​Topics 
Added special contents “NGK Online Exhibition Special Site 2022”
Nov 07, 2022 / ​IR 
Notice Regarding the Status of Acquisition of Own Shares
Nov 07, 2022 / ​Product 
Exhibition at electronica 2022 [closed] – NGK exhibits products that support digital society, including EnerCera, a battery for IoT devices
Nov 01, 2022 / ​Product 
NGK Develops Evaluation System That Visualizes Remaining Battery Capacity of Li-ion Rechargeable “EnerCera” Batteries Together With onsemi – Assesses Battery Status and Enables Efficient Use