Particulate Filters for Passenger Cars

Diesel engines enjoy an increasing popularity in passenger cars due to fuel efficiency and driving properties. This is expressed in the strong sales of these vehicles with almost all major car manufactures world-wide. A major concern related to the increasing number of diesel vehicles are the particulate and NOx emissions which are significantly higher compared with gasoline engines equipped with Three Way Catalyst technology.

Based on the ceramic substrate technology, NGK has developed Particulate Filters with various material characteristics.

  • Si-bonded Silicon Carbide (Si-SiC) Particulate Filter.
  • Cordierite Particulate Filter.

The know-how that NGK disposes over processing ceramic substrate allows the development and the variation of pore structures that can be adapted. Si-SiC has perfect characteristics for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) with fuel additive support. Since the mean pore size and porosity of the material can be adjusted by the production process, Si-SiC material has also excellent performance for catalyzed DPF system. Cordierite particulate filter has more possibilities to apply high porosity. This high porosity cordierite can apply high amounts of washcoat with low pressure drop. Under certain engine management condition, a cordierite particulate filter is also a good candidate for passenger car application.